Dr Enio Ohmaye – Chief Experience Officer at EF Learning Labs


Before coming to EF as Chief Technology and Experience Officer, Enio worked as Senior Scientist at Apple Computer. He first experienced the power of learning a new language at the age of 18, when he left his native Brazil and moved to Monticello, New York, to work as a waiter. Though he initally struggled even with simple food orders, when he returned to Brazil six months later, he had already gained English skills that would eventually help him earn a Ph.D in Artificial Intelligence and Education from Northwestern University. He also earned a Master degree in Computer Science from George Washington University. Now, based in our Shanghai office, Enio builds and designs some of EF’s most groundbreaking projects. Describing himself as having, “a Brazilian heart, a Japanese body, and an American head.” Enio not only has a passion for the application of cognitive science and computer technology to language training, but also an incredible love for dancing. Enio has a natural love of languages: as a Brazilian born Japanese, he speaks English, Portuguese, and Japanese fluently. Enio also speaks Java, C#, Lisp, Pascal and COBOL to mention a few.